The Grump, The Grump, The Marvelous Grump

I am that Marvelous Grump . My name is Sohnia Hashmi and I am Working On It. Always and continuosly working on it.

When and how does the Grump Evolve?

This is truthfully a joke

Do not be misled dear visitor! I will explain why. Im really not a grumpy person at all! (well for the most part anyway). Choosing this title perfectly illustrates my horrenduous sense of humour and reasoning. I am one of the peppiest people bu t it makes me feel tougher about myself to advertise being grumpy. Which again, I'm not! so please feel FREE to mail me, message me or communicate in general. It's all love.

And thus ends the short history of The Grump Evolution. No not really, I have more to say!

ARTartARTartArtaRtARt. Philosophize on the art. Art is beautiful, magical and everywhere. Atleast that seems to be the consensus. Everything and anything is considered art nowadays. This isn’t the case for Design though! Design requires perfection. Design requires CARING about what the viewer wants, what the client wants, what society wants. But art requires caring for yourself and caring for your own needs. So where does one draw the line? how can you balance your needs with the clients needs? Think about these things dear viewer. Let me know when you find a solution.

My Studies

I study BID AND Business Management. BID stand for Bibliotheek, Informatie -en Documentatiekunde which is the wonderful and amazing field of Library Sciences. Business Management is so I can basically learn the ins and out of Entrepreneurship. Lemme tell you... it's going slowly. BUT Library Sciences I LOVE.

But this ain't all it it cheescakes >->->

Mind you. There was much more before these two.

So let's list the adventerous forays into academics pre-NOW:-

I have Studied other fields before this. Does that make me sound pretentious? I hope not. I beleive one should never stop trying to educate themselves. I have studied History for two years at the University of Antwerp (in Antwerp) and before that a year of Graphic Design at the Sint Lukas Art Academy in Brussels. Both wonderful and yet quite different from what I am doing now. But they have enabled me to develop the ability of making art and doing research. After these wonderous years of academic forays I ventured into Interactive Media and Design. Coding was awesome to learn and basically ruined my brain because I am generally terrible in all things mathemetical. After one and a half year of this I decided to try employment. That fun too. The agency business is booming around here.




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