The Grump, The Grump, The Marvelous Grump

I am that Marvelous Grump . My name is Sohnia Hashmi and I am Working On It. Always and continuosly working on it.

Maybe you're wondering WHY I've given my site this name?

A Short History of the Title

Do not be misled dear visitor! I will explain why. This name started off with the surprisingly true bias that people in the IT sector are grumpy. It is not ofcourse because they are grumpy by nature (although...), it is because sitting behind a screen for a long amount of time (mostly for deadline purposes or out of need for perfection) can lead to an understandably grumpy mood. If thou dost not eatest nor drinketh but merely codeth... then you will regain consiousness in a few hours without having slept, ate or drunk anything and will be in a less than pleasant mood.

And thus ends the short history of The Grump Evolution. No not really, I have more to say!

ARTartARTartArtaRtARt. Philosophize on the art. Art is beautiful, magical and everywhere. Atleast that seems to be the consensus. Everything and anything is considered art nowadays. This isn’t the case for Design though! Design requires perfection. Design requires CARING about what the viewer wants, what the client wants, what society wants. But art requires caring for yourself and caring for your own needs. So where does one draw the line? how can you balance your needs with the clients needs? Think about these things dear viewer. Let me know when you find a solution.

My Studies

I study Interactive Multimedia Design at the Thomas More College in Mechelen. It is more than webdesigning. It is a relatively new field and the studies are still metamorphing into something more suited to the market and the needs of the students. There is a hefty amount of Design, coding and surprising amount of importance for languages aswell. It is fun because we keep upto date with trends in Social Media and Multimedia. Hence the name of the studies. It is quite fast-paced and you need to stay sharp. However, the joy of producing is what kept me studying. It has taken me a while to come to this point.

The Reason For This Being That ->->->

Mind you. This was the wonderous year of 2013-2014 and the summer and half of the first trimester. There was much more before Thomas More.

So let's list the adventerous forays into academics pre-2014:-

I have Studied other fields before this. Does that make me sound pretentious? I hope not. I beleive one should never stop trying to educate themselves. I have studied History for two years at the University of Antwerp (in Antwerp) and before that a year of Graphic Design at the Sint Lukas Art Academy in Brussels. Both wonderful and yet quite different from what I am doing now. But they have enabled me to develop the ability of making art and doing research.




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